goldsmithMr GOLD was not created by chance.
We have a long story going back to traditional goldsmiths’ families and precious stones traders.
The art, the skills and the experience in this industry, passed from generation to generation, therefore our estimates and offers to our customers, are in fact great deals for both of us.
The story of our family is long and since 1901 that we are in this business, we have grown into the business of the goldsmiths. Nobody can remember exactly when we moved to Italy, but the truth is that wherever we went, we left our positively and constructively scars.
We are now stationed in Valencia of Alexandria in Italy.
Why did we choose Greece? Perhaps the blood flowing to a member of our family, Orestis Stavrinos!
Forgive us if too fine, but we want you to understand that we are not a team without experience in this business. We want to explain that a customer means a lot to us, something sacred, a guest who must be attributed the greatest respect. We do not discriminate between “small” and “large” customers. We always advice and accept good-willed reviews, because we believe it is necessary and important for our growth and lead, in this competition we face.